Let Your Inner Beauty Radiate! 8 Self-Care Tips for Women

Let Your Inner Beauty Radiate! 8 Self-Care Tips for Women

Self Care – More Than a Spa Day

There are a lot of complex demands placed on women. If you haven’t seen the Barbie movie yet, don’t walk, RUN! America Ferrera does not hold back in her iconic monologue. #IYKYK

Whether you have kids or not, juggling a career, family, hobbies, and everyday demands can be a challenge. Ideally, we all could find a way to sustainably practice self-care. While this doesn’t happen overnight, there are small steps you can take each day to make sure you prioritize your needs. If you have a morning and evening skin care routine, this will be easy!

Many women’s influencers will recommend a wardrobe refresh or spa day to focus on self-care – but who has the money for that? Here is a list of self-care activities that don’t break the bank. Self care is more than a spa day. Honestly, most people can only afford that once a year and once a year is NOT going to cut it for real self care.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money nourishing yourself to feel better. Here’s a list of simple, low-budget ways to implement a self-care routine.

8 Self Care Tips

  • Take a break to read a book: According to researchers, spending just 30 minutes reading can decrease your stress levels. Obviously, reading is great for your vocabulary, a great activity to model for children, and increases our ability to empathize with others.

  • Take a nap: Taking a 10-30 minute nap in the afternoon can boost your mental acuity! Napping longer than that can leave you feeling groggy, so be sure to set an alarm.
  • Hit the gym or do a 20 minute home workout: Exercise is highly documented as a way to improve your entire quality of life. Increase quality of sleep, cardiovascular health, fight off seasonal sadness and improve mood with a quick trip to the gym or a HIIT workout at home.
  • Call a friend on the phone: It is so important to stay connected to your support system. It’s easy to let the business of life get in the way of reaching out. A quick phone call, voice memo, or even video message can brighten someone else’s day and strengthen those relationship bonds!

  • Try a new recipe: You could include the kids on this one – or not! Cultivate your creative side by finding a new recipe. Stay curious! Keep learning and expand your palate.
  • Get out in nature: Taking a nature walk or a full blown hike is great for your mental health and perspective. Research shows that people who spend time outside feel more joy, calmness, creativity, and connection.

  • Let things go: This can be a tough one. Let go of things that don’t help you - like the oppressive weight of societal expectations. Be the best version of you according to YOU!
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You’re Worth It

Not sure where to start? Just pick one idea from this list and spend 10 minutes on yourself today. Set a great example for your family, friends, and children – but don’t do it for them, do it for YOU!

Cultivate new parts of yourself, protect your peace, and give yourself permission to be the most expansive version of yourself. You’re worth it.

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