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Nutricost Uva Ursi contains a 4,500mg equivalent amount of Uma Ursi (from 450mg of 10:1 extract). Each bottle contains 240 vegetarian capsules. These are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, and vegetarian friendly.
  • 4,500mg of Uva Ursi Per Capsule (From 450mg 10:1 Extract)
  • 240 Capsules of Uva Ursi Per Bottle
  • 1 Serving, Just 1 Capsule
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegetarian Friendly
  • Manufactured in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility 


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nancy Pappas
Did not work

Product did not work for me at all ,and it got some good reviews.

Perfect Natural Fix

So I have constant problems with UTIs. My doctor simply just shrugged and said some women have bad luck. Antibiotics stopped working so I tried something else and let me tell you this WORKS HALLELUJAH.
If I even feel a twinge coming on (I'm very attuned to it now) I take one of these a day along with dmannose powder, cranberry supplement, probiotics, cranberry/blueberry juice. It seems to kick the uti very quickly within a day or so.

The maintence with the probiotics and cranberry/blueberry juice while keeping extremely clean.

This is so worth it and I don't have to take antibiotics.

Aureliano Guerrero


Meh, uti

I took this for a length of 7 days. You cannot take this longer than that because it can be toxic. However it did help my symptoms of uti. I was looking for an alternative because I’m constantly taking antibiotics for reocurring chronic utis. I just started getting them this year and I’m only 30 so yeah I’m dying. Anyways- took this in combo with d mannose cranberry juice probiotics and etc helped, but my symptoms came right back on the 6 day so I discontinued used after that I didn’t make it to the 7 day. I would say this is good to prevent. And possibly in first sign of symptoms but not to treat. If you have chronic reocurring uti and have questions maybe I can help. I’ve done extensive search and I feel like I’m on my path to something. You can dm me on ig at chanelrodxoxo

G. Jones
A Life Saver for UTIs and a Great Value

The short version: This cured an active UTI that doxycycline wouldn't touch and is a great value! If you follow the package directions this bottle will last 240 days. The long story: I've suffered from reccuring UTIs (7 in less than 10 months) due to a compromised immune system. Repeated use of antibiotics has destroyed the good bacteria in my intestines and I've got C. Diff infections serval times. I've seen several urologists who've told me I'm just unlucky and I'll have to manage my infections the best I can. D-Mannose was recommended and helped.

But earlier this week I got another infection. Cue an urgent care visit... I was given yet another antibiotic (Doxycycline) for 10 days. 3 days into the treatment I could tell I was continuing to get worse. My kidneys were hurting, I was nauseous, the burning during urination was getting worse, and my urine was getting darker and cloudier. I was against trying another antibiotic, so I desperately searched the internet for an alternative and stumbled upon Uva Ursi. I immediately ordered this product. By the time I received it my symptoms were even worse. I took a pill immediately. Within 6 hours I was starting to feel better. My urine lighten and my pain started to disappear. I've followed the recommended dosage for the past 4 days and my symptoms are now completely gone! I will definitely be using this for my next infection.



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