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TMG (trimethylglycine), or betaine,  is an amino acid derivative found in foods such as beets, bran, wheat germ, and spinach. Within the body, betaine functions as a methyl donor and plays a significant role in energy creation and metabolism. 

Because of this, TMG is often used by athletes to improve exercise performance.* TMG may reduce fatigue, boost protein production, and decrease risk for heart disease.* 

Trimethylglycine is an osmolyte, meaning it has an affinity for water and promotes fluid balance in the cells. It allows our cells to be resilient to stress and guards them against premature death.*

Nutricost TMG Capsules 

  • 750mg of TMG Per Capsule
  • 120 Capsules Per Bottle
  • High Quality TMG (Trimethylglycine)
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 3rd Party Tested
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility


    Customer Reviews

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    J. DiBono
    Helps focus and concentration

    As a family, we love this product and it has been a real lifesaver! Our son has an attending issue and this was recommended by our Bio-Chemist nutritionist to get him through his medical studies. This supplement helps him stay focused and on target so he doesn't need to take any formal medications for attention span issues. My husband has even started taking it and it helps him in his stressful job. The CDP has given them both the extra help they need. Thank you again!!

    Pure and potent TMG

    TMG dissolves the glue like protein (homo cysteine) which builds up and is found in the brains of Alzheimer patients, in the veins and arteries of cardiovascular patients, in the infected tissues of Morgellons patients and is also found in other infected organs, including the liver. This protein is tough and sticks like super glue to all organs and tissues and it eventually causes severe problems for people. I consider TMG to be a detoxification supplement. It dissolves this sticky protein by converting it into another substance that your body needs which is called (SAM-e). This TMG by Nutricost has been very effective. I open the capsule and swish the contents through my teeth before swallowing the TMG. The TMG makes the bacteria (sticky plaque) on the teeth let go, so now my teeth and gums are plaque free. I don't need near as many dental teeth cleaning as I used to.

    Great cardiac supplement

    Use to help lower my Homocysteine level. Decrease cardiac risk

    Taken With NMN

    It’s always hard to tell if supplements work. Dr. Sinclair mentioned he takes this substance with NMN, so here I am taking reasonable wisdom and applying it.

    Good value TMG

    I take TMG with my daily NAD precursors like NMN and Niacin on most days to support the methylation cycle. I have been taking it for several weeks and while I don't detect any noticeable effects I think it's a better daily methyl donor for me than methyl B12 and methyl folate, which I was taking but getting nausea and risking a B12 overdose. I can't be sure of the quality but Nutricost have a reputation for value and this seems to be the case here. I'll be reordering.



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