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  • 1 LB of Erythritol Per Bottle
  • Low-Calorie Sweetener
  • About 70% The Sweetness of Regular Sugar. Substitute at a ratio of 1:1.3 of sugar to Erythritol
  • Serving Scoop Included, Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Made in a GMP Compliant Facility


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
I love Erythritol Monk Fruit

This Erythritol has a slight fruit scent, similar to juicy fruit gum. The flavor is just a simple, pure sugar taste, with no weird after taste. Monk fruit is supposed to be a 1:1 ratio for sweetness with sugar, but I find this to be about 85% as sweet, it just requires a little more. This Erythritol dissolves quickly in warm water. It has a similar crystalline structure as regular sugar.
I like to use allulose for frozen sweets, like keto ice-cream, because Erythritol will freeze harder. But Erythritol is better in baking, as it does not burn like allulose does, and it is a better sweetener in drinks.
This comes in a convenient package, and it is easier to store and find in a pantry, that a bag would be.
I love this in my hot nettle tea.

Tastes like sugar, measures like sugar but 454 servings? Puh-lease...

If this Nutricost Erythritol was sitting on the table in a sugar bowl, no one would know the difference between it & the real thing. It looks like sugar & melts on the tongue like sugar. There’s very little aftertaste & either I’m just too used to it to notice or it doesn’t have it, but there isn’t a cold “feel”. This can’t be used when baking anything with yeast because it can’t feed it. It isn’t a good product for breads or pastries, but it can be used in cooking other things that take sugar, like sauces.

It comes with a teensy, tiny scoop which is what measures out the 454 servings in this small container. Considering it measures the same as sugar & the scoop holds ¾ of a teaspoon, that’s not enough to sweeten anything. What calls for ¾ of a teaspoon? I measured three scoops of this in my coffee & couldn’t taste much sweetness so broke down & used stevia. I think saying that this has 454 servings is a h-u-g-e stretch & it’s quite an expensive one.

As far as what it tastes like, it delivers on that; but, the cost is higher than I want to pay & it irritates me that anyone would think that tiny scoop could measure out a true portion.

Expensive but good

As sugar substitutes go, I really like erythritol because it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste and is pretty similar to sugar. I sprinkled this on some cereal and you really can’t tell the difference. You can use it in about the same amount as you would sugar. I’ve also tried this in tea and it dissolves well. If you try it by itself, it tastes a bit different than sugar and not quite as sweet, but it has the same granular texture. I took a star off because this is really expensive for the small container you get. I’ve gotten bags of this that have twice as much for the same price so I’d shop around. If you need a hard container, that part is nice, but it’s still too pricey. This stuff isn’t that hard to find anymore.

Quality Erythritol but Pricy

Slightly less sweet than regular granulated table sugar, Erythritol is an excellent zero calorie substitute. The flavor profile is nearly that of regular sugar, and only the slight cooling sensation it is known for may deter some folks. I don't mind it though and it goes great in mint-chocolate chip cookies. I primarily used it as a guilt-free sweetener in my coffee. Erythritol has been known to cause digestive problems and diarrhea in some users, but that is often associated with consuming large quantities. I've never experienced any issues. I have to laugh because the packaging makes it look like a supplement or something used for scientific purposes, rather than a pantry staple. The 1 gram serving scoop is also laughable when the least most people would use is a teaspoon. Still, it allows Nutricost to claim the container has 454 servings. If measure by teaspoon, it would be about 114 servings. The cost per ounce will likely keep me from getting it again since there are more affordable, comparable options.

3rd part tested, non-GMO, and made in a GMP Certified facility.

Casper & Boo

clean sweet flavor, no chemical like aftertaste like some brands can have.. am a fan of nutricost’s keto friendly products but, sometimes i feel price could be lower. this one is one of those times. $16 for 1lb when you can get 2.5lbs of a decent green bagged brand for $18 which has a very mild aftertaste that isn’t that noticeable in cooking/etc, just seems more smart to buy given how much those of us on not so clean keto diets or on low carb will use up. This one however is very clean and i prefer its taste ASIS compared to others so i will buy when run out to use for sprinkling on strawberries and baked goods.



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