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Nutricost Aloe Vera capsules come with 100mg of potent 200:1 aloe vera concentrate giving a 20,000mg equivalent dose of aloe vera per capsule. There are 120 vegetarian capsules in each bottle.

  • 120 Vegetarian Capsules of Aloe Vera Per Bottle
  • 20,000mg Aloe Vera Equivalent in each capsule (from 200:1 Aloe Vera Concentrate)
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility 


Customer Reviews

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Scott Burridge
Hmm, they don't taste like snozberries

It's a pill, it's not supposed to have flavor. Really, Nutricost consistently has good quality product for a good price. I buy alot from them and usually look for their brand when supplement shopping.

Jed Shlackman
Aloe vera extract capsules, good for digestive support

These are vegetable based capsules with a standardized aloe vera concentrate. The capsules contain carrageenan as one of the ingredients, a type of processed seaweed which is something I typically avoid, but otherwise the ingredients are OK. This is reasonably priced for aloe extract and something to consider if you want to get the benefits of aloe vera, which include soothing inflammation and helping with hydration and digestive system cleansing.

Ronald Jorgenson
Healing Power of ALOE

I've been taking ALOE for some time now in liquid form for the Healing benefits and wanted to try the the capsule form to see if I got the same results, will see, I think I will, the capsules, by NUTRICOST are easer to take than the liquid, no after taste and you get 20,000 MG equivalent per serving, one capsule a day and easy to swallow, If you take supplements, add this one to the list !!

Quality Aloe Vera.

The potency of these capsules is higher than any other brand I have tried. These capsules are very easy to swallow and did not cause any stomach upset or digestive issues. I use Aloe Vera for Interstitial Cystitis hoping to rebuild my bladder lining. I don't know if it is working but I can say that since taking aloe, I do get fewer flares as time progresses.

Works great for folks with IC

Interstitial Cystitis (Painful Bladder Syndrome) runs in my family. Most of my adult life has been about pain control with this. Food/Drink/Stress are the main factors that tie into how much pain I live with on a daily basis. Right now I'm taking supplements that I need for a full body detox, however, my bladder has been really struggling while I finish it out due to the ingredients. Aloe Vera in pill/liquid form really can help my pain. Not all is created equal, so I have ordered a few different types recently. I will know immediately if it helps since I can tell within a few hours after I use the rest room. These definitely are helping me. I have been taking 3 at a time with a full glass of water. I ordered a bottle from a different brand a few weeks ago, and they don't work as good as these. I do recommend for those who suffer from this health issue. Another thing that helps me is not subscribing to the prognosis. Regardless what the doctors may tell you, I believe in the power of the mind. If I truly believe I won't be cured...then I won't. Right now I'm having a hiccup in my situation, but it's only because of the amount of stress in my life along with this major body cleanse I'm doing. After that I'm going to be pain free and I know it!



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