Nutricost White Kidney Bean Capsules

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  • 650mg of White Kidney Bean Extract Per Serving
  • 120 Capsules In Each Bottle (1 Serving, just 1 Capsule)
  • Vegetarian Capsules, Non-GMO, & Gluten Free
  • 3rd Party Tested and Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews
      Elozia Clay
      The best !

      Excellent product. Helps to melt fat and loose weight. I have a very sensitive stomach and allergic skin. This product does its job without ANY side effects.

      Good quality

      The quantity and quality of this product is good.

      I see no results

      Didn't help. After a month, there is still no effect.

      Appears to directly reduce glycemic load, but NOT calories...

      I'll start by saying that these do have an effect, and may be wondrous for certain individuals, but ultimately these did not serve my personal goals. When measuring my pulse after eating high carb cookies and breads, I definitely noticed that, after taking these white bean supps, my heart was no longer racing. So they definitely appear to temper the blood sugar from spiking, which I assume would be quite useful for diabetics. Moreover, they may work even a bit too well in that department, as I would actually get a bit sluggish, bordering on flat-out tired, after taking these in conjunction with the high carb meal, so if I were actually looking to get a little energy kick from that candy bar...fahgetaboutit. That being said, these do NOT appear to "block" (i.e., remove) the calories from said carb-based meal, as evidenced by the fact that my weight on the scale has not been reduced...on the contrary, it appears that having a few too many of these supps on any given day actually delayed the transit time through my intestines even more significantly, so I believe I actually GAINED a pound the next day from the buildup of the unexpelled waste in my body...TMI perhaps, but it is important to say that these definitely seem to reduce regularity, which sucks, particularly for people who already have constipation and/or have IBD (like I do). So essentially, and assuming Nutricost's version does not act differently than the other competitive white bean offerings in the market (and I assume it doesn't), it would appear that white bean supps appear to function as a "fiber", slowing glycemic load, albeit WITH the calories remaining completely intact. I would imagine that people who claim to have lost weight on this may have just been reducing their overall intake in response to the white bean supps making them feel either "more full" or "tired" ,so they just don't feel the "urge" to eat more. That is certainly NOT a bad thing, so white bean supps may be another tool/competitive offering on the market to be used for cravings reduction (like glucomannan, garcinia, and more traditional fiber supplements such as ***mucil and ***rucel). But since my personal goal was to see if these actually BLOCKED the calories from the carb meals, and they appear to absolutely NOT do this, these did not meet my needs, but they may meet yours.

      Love it

      Love it



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