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Agmatine is a chemical  which is formed when your body metabolizes the amino acid, arginine. Commonly used as a nootropic (“brain booster”), agmatine is also a powerful exercise supplement which may have the ability to increase blood flow and circulation.* 

Agmatine sulfate may:

  • Reduce Neuropathic Pain*
  • Enhance Learning And Memory*
  • Soothe Stress, Anxiety, And Depression*
  • Improve Exercise Performance*

Nutricost Agmatine Sulfate Capsules 

  • Take Control of Your Muscle Building Abilities
  • Agmatine Sulfate is derived from L-arginine
  • 1,000mg Per Serving (500mg Per Capsule)
  • 120 Capsules (60 Servings) of High Quality Agmatine Sulfate Per Bottle
  • Made in a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility


Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
James Fain
Terrible Shipping

It took weeks to get the product. Tracking was useless... simply saying it was on the way. Looks like the hold up was when shipping changed from UPS to USPS. Good product but only order if you can be very very patient.

Gregory Ralph Dawson Jr
Don't take these with any "drug" at all

You can seriously hurt yourself because these are really strong at resetting tolerance DURING DRUG USE

Cams & Luke's Dad
Zero effect

Not sure if this product is effective, I have had zero effect frim taking it....very disappointed

Amazon Customer
This is NOT the Agmatine You're Looking for...

After using agmatine for several months and having great results for pain relief (neuropathic and general), energy levels, mood, motivation and potentiation of RX meds, I was sold on its benefits. That is, until I decided to try Nutricost Agmatine capsules. Three days after running out of my other brand and starting this one, literally ALL of the positive benefits of Agmatine I'd experienced before simply vanished. I became lethargic, moody, my pain came back to pre-agmatine levels, and I was generally just miserable on every level.
This may in fact be agmatine, but as several other reviewers have noted, it doesn't seem to have the effects/benefits that one would expect. In fact, it made me feel worse than I did in my pre-agmatine days. And if you're looking to agmatine to boost the effectiveness of your prescribed medications...keep looking. I can't help but wonder how many people tried this brand of agmatine because it's cheap and because Nutricost generally has a good reputation, only to find that it "didn't work for them". Agmatine has been one of the most (if not THE most) beneficial supplements I've ever taken in my 30 years of using such products. But if you've tried this brand and felt NONE of the purported benefits, you owe it to yourself to give another brand a shot.

Also, apparently I can't return this bottle of agmatine for a refund, which further enforces my belief that Nutricost is using the cheapest and lowest quality suppliers they can, and don't want to be deluged with hundreds of refunds from their numerous products on Amazon. I've used a number of their products in the past, but agmatine is a supplement you can actually FEEL working, so in this case I can tell for certain that this particular brand is absolute garbage.

Made me super irritable but its not the medicines fault

So even though I had negative experiences with this medication I DO believe its beneficial for others. For some reason whenever I got annoyed at work this caused it to amplify my emotions to a level where I swore I was under the influence of something.
Have you ever gotten so drunk and acted like a fool, then a day later wonder what you were so upset about? Yeah, it was like that all over again because I have been sober from alcohol for almost 10 years yet this was the closest I've been to being out of emotional control since then.

As soon as I stopped taking these I returned back to normal.



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